Friday, May 20, 2011

the Studio Ready to Show

Only two weeks away and its time to take stock of my studio. I am lucky enough to have a good sized studio - 14’ x 8’ - but there still never seems to be enough space. I have a well-thought-out system for storing my materials and books, however when I see it through the eyes of a visitor it doesn’t seem very organized at all. Early on I figured out that everything needs to have a designated place or things get lost so I have hooks, containers, cabinets, and shelves filling my studio. It works pretty well for me, but I need to do some tidying up before Open Studios.

First, I need to remove extraneous objects that have crept in over the year. Why do I have the sleeping bags and Packers cheeseheads in my studio? Next I’ll remove my 24” x 24” homemade photography cube which takes up way too much room. New white paper covering my work tables will go a long way towards making the studio clean and fresh. I’ll shake out the rugs, sweep and mop the floor, and maybe tackle cleaning the sliding glass doors if I am really ambitious.

Part of my attention is on finishing a few more fused glass pieces before the big weekend. Just back from Portland with my new assortment of Bullseye glass I am eager to use some new colors and design some brand new pieces. I usually don’t have my artwork hung up in my studio, but I like to do it for Open Studios. So out with my Jamie Wyeth poster and up with some glass. Finally, there is the yard and garden to consider, as my visitors have to walk around to the back of my house in order to get to my studio.

Its really not going to be all that much work, but I do like my studio to look its best for the big weekend. Now its back to the studio!

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