Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why I Participate in the Artist Preview Show

Maybe you're wondering "why should I enter and attend the North Coast Open Studios Artist Preview Show & Reception"?

This is a terrific opportunity for possible patrons to see your work up close and personal! Usually photographed images do not accurately reflect "Art" that has been created ... this is why I paint - photos don't do justice to the images that are created in my mind. And when I send my images off to be scanned, the subtlies of color are never captured.

What better chance will the participants of NCOS have to entice people to come to their studios than participating in this wonderful opening! Please submit your "STAR" piece in this show ... you'll want to shine. If you are in attendance, possible "buyers" will have the opportunity to meet you and begin a true relationship with you and your art. An artist cannot hope for better! Last year we had a fantastic turn out. People were really impressed with the quality of the show - art was Sold - and the public had the to opportunity to see our beautiful raffle items and purchase tickets (please note that these raffled items are going toward the support of the NCOS ... without the raffle this opening and several other benefits will not be possible). I plan on participating in and attending this show... hope to see you there "shining".

Yvonne Kern, NCOS Participant and Steering Committee Member

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