Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Four Myrtletown Artists Open Their Creative Spaces

Four Myrtletown artists will be sharing their unique spaces with the public during the first weekend of this year's 12th Annual North Coast Open Studios Tour. The community will have the rare opportunity to visit the studios of glass artist Susan Bloch-Welliver, painter Yvonne Kern, mixed media artist Kathy Marie and, potter Kate Purcell. This eclectic mix of artists share, along with their neighborhood, a deep connection with nature and it's designs.

Susan Bloch-Welliver, a nationally recognized glass artist, creates her "one of a kind" pieces in a multifaceted studio located at 1081 Vernon Street. Bloch-Welliver is creating a unique series of mixed media work while specializing in commissioned etched glass and sculptures.

"Time and nature compel me," says Bloch-Welliver. "I sharpen my awareness by memorializing daily moments of awe with shapes of glass, which become translated into sculptures". Sculptures, glass flowers, and etched glass are a few of the treasures that will be available for purchase at her studio.

Bloch-Welliver's work can be found in a recently released book titled Creative Glass, by Danijela Kracun & Charles McFadden, and at www.blochstudio.com.

Yvonne Kern's backyard studio is across the street from Susan Bloch-Welliver's studio. Visitors will find a tent pavilion and studio down a garden path behind the house. As a representational oil and watercolor painter for more than 20 years, Kern has found a lot of inspiration in her private space.

"I love the abundant beauty of this area. North Coast Open Studios offers me an unprecedented opportunity to share with our community this beauty that I have captured with my art."

Kern will exhibit several new oil and watercolor paintings. Note cards, "recycled art bookmarks", and a few other rare small gift items will be offered for sale. See www.yvonnekern.com for more information.

Kathy Marie, a local collage/mixed media artist, has been selling her art and participating in local holiday fairs for many years. Her inspiration comes from attending workshops, reading art books, working with talented artists in the area, and traveling experiences.

Marie's studio can be found on Hill Street, behind the Myrtle Avenue Starbucks. Look for
the green door. "For years I have been creating art using many different kinds of media but I have always felt most comfortable with collage/mixed media," says Marie about her art. "I love to work with color and try to express a powerful emotion in my work.. I feel art is an expression of oneself and a message about the world.. So as I grow as an individual so does my art."

Visitors will find digital photography, collages, altered art and one of a kind stuffed toys at her studio. Her work can be seen at the Rustic West Trading Co. in Old Town Eureka and on www.kathymarie.net.

Kate Purcell has been creating pottery for more than 20 years and her handmade colorfully decorated pottery is well known in Humboldt County. Her studio is located in a shop behind her house at 2572 Myrtle Ave. (Between Hubbard Street and Hall Ave) Visitors will have the opportunity to see her new wall plaques in addition to her other fine serving pieces.

"I like to imagine all the pots we have made over the years being used and enjoyed at social gatherings", Purcell said.

Her pottery can be found locally at Plaza Design, Trinidad Trading Company, at her studio and at www.firedancedesign.com.

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