Thursday, June 4, 2009

See Artists in Their Natural Habitat

North Coast Open Studios is a once a year opportunity to see artists in their natural habitats. Artists’ studios are often as much artwork as their creations are. On top of that, most artists do not welcome visitors into their inner sanctums lightly.

So, this really is a very special chance to see, not only what has been created recently, but the older artworks that no longer excite the creative artist as much. A common characteristic of the creative personalities is that they are most excited about what they are working on right now. “If it’s new, it must be the best,” is the artist’s cry. It may or may not be, but it will eclipse thoughts of older artworks. The advantage of Open Studios is that you can actually browse through those older pieces and discover the gems. It’s like a treasure hunt.

The other special feature of Open Studios is the opportunity to get to know the artist whose work you have admired for so long or to meet a new artist and discover their artwork – with the artist right there to talk with you about it. Fabulous!

It pays to plan your studio tour ahead of time. So get your NCOS guidebook and plot your adventure. Two weekends affords lots time to get out around the county and visit all those artists’ lairs.

Left: Painting by Libby Maynard.

Libby, who is the Executive Director of Ink People Center of the Arts, will be open by appointment during North Coast Open Studios. Libby is pictured above (left) with Ink People Program Manager Tanya Nordberg.

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