Thursday, April 30, 2009

What I'm preparing to sell during North Coast Open Studios

by Yvonne Kern, NCOS Artist # 25 and NCOS Steering Committee Member

Having my very own opening is exciting and fun, not only because I get to meet so many interesting people, but also because I can offer to my visitors artistic things that I wouldn't consider trying to market anywhere ... mass production isn't my thing (at least not right now).

So far, the only reproductions of my paintings have been in note cards that I make. And those I offer for sale only occasionally in a few local stores. It's really interesting to see which images buyers choose & which cards sell the best. It's usually a surprise to me. I sell quite a few cards at my studio sale. I have boxed some as gift items that are offered at a substantial savings, and those are popular.

Last year I made sticky note pad books and bookmarks, which I'm doing again this year (but, I'm improving on the designs). I could never sell these items anywhere for the price I can sell them for at my studio. Also, all of those watercolor studies and small oil painting studies which I have painted will be offered at very low prices.

It's wonderful having a set time, with great publicity, to do a "clearance sale". I have so many paintings that it's impossible for me to display them all, and the more I create the less storage space I have, and I Must create new pieces. So, I feel that it's way better for someone else to have an inexpensive piece of original art hanging on their wall than for me to have it tucked away somewhere. It's really difficult dropping the price of a painting, because I only keep images that I really like ... the bad ones get recycled. But, there is only so much room ....what's an artist to do??? Besides when someone gets a really good deal - they're so happy ... it makes me happy. So, now I'm hoping that lots of interested art collectors come on over; they'll find some great deals!

Wishing great sales for everyone!

"Beach Tree Spring"
Oil painting on canvas
by Yvonne Kern

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