Thursday, March 17, 2011

Last chance to register for Open Studios

Are you thinking about participating in North Coast Open Studios? Did you just realize you missed the deadline yesterday? There is one last chance to get info about Open Studios and register!

We are holding a workshop tonight at the Ink People Center for the Arts on overcoming common hurdles to participating in Open Studios.

As an added bonus, this will be your last chance to turn in an application to participate in NCOS! The registration deadline was yesterday, but applications will be available at the workshop, and participants can apply there!

Or, do you want to submit an application and you can't make the workshop? Call me I can still reserve a spot if you let me know right away! (707) 834-6460

Taffy Stockton, NCOS Coordinator

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Deadline to Register for NCOS is Today!

Don't forget, the deadline to register for North Coast Open Studios is today (Wednesday, March 16th)!

You can download an application on our website at Applications can be dropped off at the Ink People Center for the Arts (517 Third Street, Suite 36, Eureka - in the Clark Building) today between 9 am and 5 pm.

Also, if you are still unsure about NCOS participation, there is a workshop walking prospective NCOS participants through the process of participating in NCOS. The workshop will be tomorrow (Thursday the 17th) at 6:30 pm at the Ink People office. You will get a chance to ask any questions you have about Open Studios and complete and turn in an application!

Have a question or concern about your application? Can't get your application in today but you really want to participate? Want to find out more about the workshop? Contact Taffy Stockton, NCOS Coordinator at (707) 834-6460.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What Open Studios is for me...

Participating in Open Studios for the first time last June was one of my favorite activities.

I am usually at the Glass Art Society annual Conference which conflicts with NCOS. When it became apparent I wouldn’t be able to go the conference last year, I signed up. After all, I’ve been a committee member for several years.

It turned out to be one of the highlights of my year. It was fun, inspirational, and definitely surpassed my expectations.

In preparation, I cleaned my studio, made new pedestals, added lighting, and rearranged work areas, temporarily turning them into display areas. I was pleased with these long over-due studio activities necessary for inviting the public into my studio.

I told myself if even a few people showed up, it would be worth the effort. Instead, the flow of people all weekend was constant. Opening my studio provided the opportunity for people specifically interested in my work or my media of glass to visit. It was a chance to share our experiences. When participants saw and understood my process, they were surprised how much goes into it. My work, materials, ideas opened up dialogs on shared love of materials, travels, past experiences, relationships, everything imaginable and some unimaginable. I loved every minute of listening and communicating with the wonderful people that stopped by.

There were purchases of my work as well. As an artist making a living from art, that’s always a good thing. However what was especially interesting was what people wanted to purchase that I hadn’t considered selling. People had novel ideas for how they wanted to display pieces they purchased. The comments, ideas, and surprises regarding sales, was extremely worthwhile.
I could write a long narrative encouraging artist participation if you are at all on the fence. The same thing goes for visitors to artists’ studios. The once a year North Coast Open Studios has something to offer everyone and shouldn’t be missed!

Susan Bloch
Glass artist, NCOS participating artist and steering committee member

Pictured above:
Susan Block

Monday, March 14, 2011

Open Studios Workshop & Deadline

Calling All Humboldt County Artists: The deadline to apply for the 2011 North Coast Open Studios is Wednesday, March 16th! Don't miss your chance to participate in this creative showcase for local artists.

Not sure if participation in NCOS is right for you? Have you thought about participating, but decided not to because… Your studio is in a small corner of your kitchen (or bedroom or living room)? Or because you don’t have a business license or reseller’s number? Or you wouldn't know where to begin to actually PRESENT and SELL your work? Or maybe it did not occur to you that people actually buy art in Humboldt County?

Here’s your chance to get answers to these questions and to find out whether or not NCOS is right for you. This could be the first step in turning your passion into a business enterprise. NCOS participating artist and Artist Marketing Coach Extraordinaire Victoria Ryan will be facilitating a workshop on Thursday, March 17th at 6:30 pm at the Ink People office (517 Third Street, Suite 36, Eureka). She will walk prospective participating artists through everything from the essential participation issues to personal accounts from successful local artists.

You will have the chance to find out what is required to participate in NCOS, get tips and suggestions on how to arrange your home studio to optimize your space for public viewing, learn how NCOS can help you market your art, and much more… NCOS Coordinator Taffy Stockton will also be on hand to answer questions.

As an added bonus, this will be your last chance to turn in an application to participate in NCOS! The registration deadline is Wednesday, March 16th, but applications will be available at the workshop, and participants can apply there!

For more information, contact Taffy Stockton, NCOS Coordinator by email at, or by calling (707) 834-6460. Find more information on our website at,

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why I Participate in Open Studios

North Coast Open Studios is a fantastic event for artists to participate in and for people to attend.

I’ve participated for two years (this will be my third) and I have attended for at least five years. It’s a great time of year to be out and about, following the maps and directions to many different studios. The usually favorable weather allows artists to use both indoor and outside spaces providing some beautiful settings for the artwork. Whether you are traveling down a garden path, entering an outside stand-alone studio or coming right in through the front door, the anticipation builds as you approach the artist’s studio.

I love Open Studios from the perspective of an artist as well as a visitor. I enjoy welcoming guests into my studio space. It’s not glamorous – it’s just a lower level room in my house – but I love that space and what I am inspired to do there. Open Studios gives me a reason to clean up and look at the studio through new eyes - what space couldn’t use that? After I get all my jars of ground glass arranged by color, my glass sheets safely lined up in their wooden storage crate, my cutting and grinding area swept clean of little glass shards, and my artwork hung on the walls I feel proud to share this space with visitors.

It’s great to have people who are sincerely interested in your work inquire about how it is made, the materials used, how long it takes to create. These questions often provoke insights I didn’t know I had! Talking with my guests can generate new ideas, help with problem-solving and let me appreciate my work anew. All you artists who are on the fence - now is the time to sign up for Open Studios, you’ll be glad you did!

Melissa Zielinski, Mill Creek Glass
NCOS Participating Artist & Steering Committee Member

Pictured above: Glass plate by Melissa Zielinski